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What is Nourishing Your Heart?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

“You must continually let my love nourish your hearts.” (John 15:9)

These are life-giving words from The Passion Translation. Exactly what I needed to get a fresh perspective on what it means to abide in Christ. Nourish means to supply what is “necessary for life, health, and growth.” Just like we need water and nutrition to hydrate and feed our bodies, we need God’s love to nourish our souls. This is key to maintaining our spiritual health, to keep growing and becoming. “Continually” is the word that trips me up. Busyness, tiredness, and even disappointment can hinder me from feasting on God’s love on a regular basis. The spiritual hunger pangs rumble from deep within when I go too long without pulling up to the banquet table of God’s love. If I don’t pay attention, my heart can grow numb and I function on auto-pilot. That’s when I know it’s time to get back to abiding - to being nourished.

Art journaling, time spent in worship, walking in nature, silence & solitude, listening prayer, and contemplative spiritual practices are a few of my favorite ways to satisfy my soul in God.

What about you? How do you let God nourish your heart? What spiritual practices bring life & health to your soul?

If you are looking for new or fresh ways to connect with God, consider scheduling a complimentary consultation session with me to see if spiritual direction would be right for you.

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Darlene Kong
Darlene Kong
26 mar 2021

What a good reminder to pull up to the table with Jesus. I needed this today! I love worshipping to LOUD, pulsating music when I want to meet with gets me there like nothing else.

Me gusta
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