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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Spiritual Director, and Enneagram Coach-in-training. My style of care has been highly influenced by training in Formational Prayer (sometimes called inner healing prayer), interpersonal neurobiology, and the mind-body connection. I recently completed training in Developmental Spiritual Direction that provides an emphasis on developmental growth and attachment-based spirituality in adults.

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My Home

I currently live in Kalamazoo, Michigan where we experience the richness of all four seasons. My favorite season is summer, when everything turns green & lush, and bountiful fruit farms can be explored and harvested. My family consists of my husband, 2 children, a miniature pinscher, and a leopard gecko. We live 45 minutes from Lake Michigan and you can often find us collecting rocks by the shoreline or taking in the beauty of the sunset.

Spiritual Direction

In spiritual direction sessions, I offer a safe space for you to connect with God, as well as what’s going on in your own soul. It is a place to be curious, ask questions, and reflect, while also being honest about your feelings and experiences. My goal is for you to be able to have unhurried time to encounter God in a fresh way, to help you listen to His voice of love, and to facilitate a deeper journey into God’s embrace.

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In counseling sessions, I provide empathy and intuitive listening that helps you feel seen & validated, while also gently challenging limiting beliefs and behaviors. I often utilize expressive arts & mindfulness practices with clients, as well as encourage learning resources, journaling, and reflection practices outside of our sessions together.

Deep Transformation

Author and psychologist David Benner has said, “Christian spirituality involves a transformation of the self that occurs only when God and self are both deeply known. Both, therefore, have an important place in Christian spirituality. There is no deep knowing of God without a deep knowing of self, and no deep knowing of self without a deep knowing of God.”

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My Passion

One of my greatest passions is to create a safe place where you can listen to the sound of your soul. And for those who are ready and willing, a space where you can also tune into God’s gentle voice speaking life to the deeper parts of you. You can read more about my journey here.

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