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My Journey in Spiritual Direction and How It Can Benefit You

I've always had a desire to go deeper beneath the surface of things. To be curious about the why, how, and what of another person’s experience. To understand the heart of a matter.

After I began to follow Christ, this translated to my faith journey as well. I wanted to go deeper with God, to really know his heart and to connect with Him on a “feeling” level.

There is great anchoring in knowing the truth of God’s character and His word, but without knowing how God feels about us, without being rooted and grounded in His love, knowledge about God remains just that: intellectual knowledge.

But, the good news is that knowledge with experience can be transformational.

Truth plus an encounter with God can become a point of transformation, of healing, of becoming.

After many years of working as a professional counselor, I took the plunge into a 2 year training program to become a spiritual director.

I wanted to combine my ability to create a safe listening space for others with the desire to actively bring God’s presence into the equation.

To create space for others to encounter God in a fresh way, to help them listen to his voice of love, and to facilitate a deeper journey into God’s embrace.

I think this is similar to what Christian psychiatrist, Curt Thompson, MD, refers to as “knowing and being known.”

It’s the practice of being present to the soul of another person, giving them freedom to take the mask off and to be honest about what’s going on internally, without judgment.

It’s the opportunity to be authentic, while also being accepted and validated.

In this way, a spiritual direction session becomes a sacred space to be heard, seen, known, and loved, along with the awareness that God is gently present and active in our midst.

My style of spiritual direction is to listen intuitively to what's being said, both verbally and non-verbally.

Sometimes I use expressive arts or mindfulness exercises to help people connect with their bodies and souls, which in turn helps bring integration between the mind and heart.

Sometimes I use quiet music or a spiritual practice to help people tune in to what God might be saying in the present moment.

My goal is to create a safe space where you can listen to the sound of your soul, while also tuning into God’s voice speaking life to the deeper parts of you.

I would be honored to journey with you. Click here for more information and to set up a complimentary 20 minute consultation session.

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