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How to Cultivate Hope in the Midst of Grief

How do you cultivate hope when your heart is broken? When you’ve lost what is most dear to you? When the sadness is overwhelming?

It might look like building a bridge. Perhaps a little like this bridge drawing pictured here.

Bridges help us cross over a divide. They enable us to transition from one place to another.

Transition is inherently a part of grief. It always involves an adjustment period, where we are saying good-bye to something or someone significant to us, and getting used to a new way of living or being.

This transition can take place over weeks, months, or years, depending on the depth of the loss. Grief recovery requires time, intentionality, and tears. It is one of the hardest things about being human.

Yet there are tools that can help us navigate this space. Talking to a grief counselor, safe discussion groups, journaling, drawing our feelings, extra rest, time spent in nature, to name a few.

That’s why I’m offering a LIVE online workshop called “Building a Bridge of Hope in the Midst of Grief” this coming April 2021.

In our time together, I will facilitate a bridge drawing exercise, a contemplative prayer exercise, and group discussion about connecting with God's comfort & reassurance in the midst of grief and loss. Our supplies will be simple: colored pencils and blank paper, which you might already have at home.

Pre-registration & pre-payment is required to hold your spot in the workshop. Cost is $25. I am already praying and looking forward to how God will meet each one of us in this special time together.

Message me for more details, or to pre-register. I would love to have you join us!

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