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Collaborating with God

As we floated downstream on the river, I found myself relieved that the current seemed gentle and slow. We had never tried tandem kayaking before, and I was a little nervous my 8 year old and I would somehow tip over, or get repeatedly stuck on the rocky riverbank.

As we both tried to paddle, the tips of our blades clumsily struck one another in the air. The awkward start got me thinking fast – how do we paddle in sync? I began using simple commands out loud, such as “right, left, right, left” and soon we were dipping our paddles into the water at the same time, propelling our kayak forward in a smooth gliding motion. It was working!

Combining our efforts & working together as a team made all the difference. We kept going in a rhythmic motion, paddles dipping and circling in tandem. Soon we forged ahead of our fellow kayakers, leading the way.

This is how I want my relationship with God to be like. A partnership, a collaboration on the journey of life.

Too many times I am the child sitting in the front of the kayak, not paying attention to Jesus, who is steering the kayak. I think if I paddle alone, I will get to where I want to go, instead of listening to His wise commands and gentle guidance.

So often I am frustrated because I’m going in circles, getting stuck in a muddy river bank, or floating backwards, because I refuse to align my paddling movements with his. When I try to do things in my human strength, I end up knocking my blade into his, and wonder why things just aren’t working.

Only when I slow down & quiet myself to listen to His voice, do I then gain understanding of what’s happening, what’s ahead of me, and how to navigate the waters.

Are you feeling frustrated lately? Going in circles? Or getting stuck in the same old places? I invite you (and me) to spend time just being with God, listening, and realigning your heart with His.

May you hear the kindness in His voice, and trust in His wisdom & guidance to help you move forward, in sync with Him.

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